Frag 165.6


Frag 165.6 Waterbox aquarium

All models include an aquarium, cabinet and decant filtration system.

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FRAG Waterbox systems are an industry first. The FRAG Series offers discerning hobbyists a way to create the ultimate shallow reef aquarium. The height of the FRAG is 16 "compared to that of a typical 21-24" aquarium.

Full glass overflow
The overflow boxes are all glass with water-etched weir teeth.

Adjustable double return nozzles
Each side of the glass overflow box is fitted with adjustable return nozzles for precise agitation of the water.

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Glass overflow cover
Each Waterbox has an overflow cover with a unique mark.

Unique height of 16 ".
The overflow boxes are all glass with water-etched weir teeth.

Our engineers designed the FRAG with a ready-to-assemble plumbing kit that allows for easy installation without any gluing.

Quick Connect assembly
Assembly is quick and easy and does not require gluing

Precision valve
Controls flow through sewers, ensuring quiet operation.

Safety drain
Diverts water in the filtration compartment preventing overflow, in case of clogging.

Additional valves available for optional equipment.

* Available on FRAG 145.5 and FRAG 165.6

Flexible return line
Allows you to choose the return pump using a flexible hose.

A reef-ready settling system
The FRAG system shines with its design, size and smart location.

Stability and longevity
Waterbox furniture is designed to enhance your living spaces with our top quality cabinets and finishes.

Progressive closing doors
PVC coated hinges with soft closing doors.

Leveling feet
Leveling feet to provide long-lasting support and stability.

Open doors
Recessed material with pressure opening.


Dimensions900 x 600 x 410 mm1200 x 600 x 410 mm1536 x 643 x 410 mm1836 x 643 x 410 mm
Epaisseur du verre10mm (2/5")10mm (2/5")12mm (1/2")12mm (1/2")
Hauteur d'eau395mm/15,6".395mm/15,6".395mm/15,6".395mm/15,6".
Volume de l'aquarium204 L/53.9 gals274 L/72.3 gals372 L/98.4 gals446 L/117.9 filles
Matériau en verre 
SumpDimensions du bassin720 x 450 x 380 mm720 x 450 x 380 mm820 x 485 x 380 mm820 x 485 x 380 mm
Volume du bassin116 L/30.6 gals116 L/30.6 gals140 L/37.1 gals140 L/37.1 gals
Epaisseur du verre6mm (1/4")6mm (1/4")8mm (5/16")8mm (5/16")
Chambre d'écumage sans refuges--397 x 469 mm397 x 469 mm
Chambre du Réfugium--208 x 397 mm208 x 397 mm
Chambre des écrémeurs 330 x 438 mm330 x 438 mm255 x 397 mm255 x 397 mm
Chambre de pompe240 x 200 mm240 x 200 mm469 x 158 mm469 x 158 mm
RO Réservant DIM192 x 246 x 359mm192 x 246 x 359mmRéservoir ATORéservoir ATO
Réservoir RO17 L/4.5 gals17 L/4.5 gals
Réservoir ATODimensions de l'ATO--350 x 361 x 350mm350 x 361 x 350mm
Volume ATO41 L/10.9 gals41 L/10.9 gals
Epaisseur du verre5mm (3/16")5mm (3/16")
PlomberieLe drain principalDN25DN25DN32DN32
Débordement d'urgenceDN25DN25DN32DN32
Retour de la pompeDN20DN20DN25DN25
BusesDN15 x 2DN15 x 2DN15 x 2DN15 x 2
Chaussettes filtrantes105mm/4" x 2105mm/4" x 2180mm/7" x 2180mm/7" x 2
CabinetModèle de cabinetUV 3624UV 4824UV 6025UV 7225
Dimensions du cabinet900 x 600 x 900 mm1200 x 600 x 900 mm1536 x 643 x 900 mm1836 x 643 x 900mm
Dimensions intérieures du puisard810 x 560 mm768 x 560 mm915 x 605 mm815 x 605 mm
MatérielContreplaqué massif de 18 mm
Peinture (côté et devant)Peinture PU
CouleurW-Blanc, B-Noir
SystèmeLa hauteur avec le cabinet1310mm/51.6".1310mm/51.6".1310mm/51.6".1310mm/51.6".
Volume total320 L/84.6 gals390 L/103.0 gals554 L/146 filles628 L/166 gals

* Tous les volumes sont calculés à partir de la dimension nette du réservoir moins l'épaisseur du verre. Ils peuvent varier en fonction de la configuration de l'utilisateur et de l'application du système.
** Toutes les spécifications sont susceptibles d'être modifiées sans préavis.

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Waterbox Aquarium Frag 165.6