Theiling Rollermat

Fully automatic fine filter for fresh and saltwater aquariums and garden ponds.
By Rollermat contaminants are removed from the aquarium water, which relieves the biological filter and the protein skimmer. The result is clear water and healthy fish. The water is filtered through a fine fabric and automatically flows from a roll when it blocked. The web is so fine that unicellular parasites, such Ichtyo can be retained. With 12 V motor, 4 W.

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The dirty water passes through the web and thus enters the drum. Before here it flows back into the sump. If the fleece loaded with dirt, the water flow is reduced through the fleece and the water level outside the drum increases. Once a certain water level is reached, a float switch activates the gear motor and the fleece is weitergespult a piece. Fully automatic! Depending on the accumulation of dirt in the aquarium holds a lap roll 3 - 6 Months. If it is contaminated it has to be replaced by a new one. The fleece is very fine. Even the smallest particles are retained The dirt is removed from the system before it is biodegraded. This relieves the biofilter and the skimmer in a saltwater aquarium.
Is the pick roller fully - or the donor roll can be easily removed from the filter and replaced by a new empty.
Properties of Rollermat:
Efficient mechanical filtration through fine fleece
Automatic further transport of polluted fleece
Simple roll change
The roll has a width of 15 cm and allows a
Water flow up to 2500l / h - depending on the water quality.
Minimal power consumption, the average under 0.1W.
12V safety voltage
Dimensions: 42 x 45.5 x 23.5 cm (L x H x W). When installing another 10 cm must be added in the height so that the roller can be changed easily. If placed in the filter tank water level must not rise higher than 13 cm in operation.
Membrane rolls are available in 2 different pore sizes:
Aquarium fleece: 40g / m², c. 45 m long
Pond fleece: 20g / m², 90m long.

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Theiling Rollermat