Marine (Sea water / Saltwater) aquarium

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  • Additives

    Additives for reef / marin aquarium

  • Aquarium

    Reef tanks / Marine tank

  • Lighting

    Lighting for your reef aquarium / reef tank (Led Maxspect Razor, ...)

  • Skimmer

    Skimmers H&S, Deltec, Bubble King (Royal Exclusive) fore your reef aquarium / reef tank

  • Filtration

    Filtration materials for your reef ank / reef aquarium

  • Computer
  • Osmolator

    Osmolator to auto fill your reef tank.

  • RO

    RO: reverse osmosis to prepare your reef tank water.

  • 3D printing

    3D printing of parts, convenients parts or on demand parts

  • Pump

    Return pumps, circulation pumps for your reef tank.

  • Reactor

    Calcium reactor and Kalkwasser stirrer

  • Chiller

    Chiller for reef tank / reef aquarium. Lower your tank temperature during summer.

  • Substrats

    Substrates for reef tank (sand, living rocks, ...)

  • Others


  • Spare parts

    Spare parts