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Led light AK-70


Led light AK-70

Jebao Jecod AK-70 is an LED light bar for lighting an aquarium of about 40 cm in length, or a larger aquarium by combining several bars.
Jebao Jecod AK-70 emits a spectrum specially designed for the maintenance and development of corals on an area of ​​40 x 40 cm and a depth of up to 50 cm.

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Power consumption70w

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Thanks to a composition of 7 LED colors distributed over 6 channels, the Jebao Jecod AK-70 LED ramp will allow you to adjust the ideal spectrum for your aquarium and your coral population.
The control and programming of the spectrum, sunrise and sunset, and light effects is done via a Wi-Fi connection from the Jeabao Aqua smartphone application.

In order to efficiently dissipate the heat emitted by the LEDs, the AK-70 LED bar housing incorporates a silent fan that is automatically activated.
The height and depth adjustable pan support allows easy installation on glass with a maximum thickness of 12 mm.

The product is delivered complete and ready to use.

Distribution of Jebao Jecod AK-70 ramp LEDs:
4 x LED Cool White (Cree)
4 x LED Royal Blue (Cree)
4 x LED Blue (Cree)
2 x Purple LED (SemiLED 415)
2 x UV LED (SemiLED 400)
2 x LED Green (Cree)
3 x LED Red (Cree)

What's in the box:

Jebao Jecod AK-70 LED light bar
Tank support

Usage tips :

In order to avoid the proliferation of algae when installing your Jebao Jecod ramp, reduce the lighting time by half and gradually increase it day by day. We advise you not to exceed a lighting duration of more than 10 hours per day.

The use of the dimmable function allows a gradual ignition of your aquarium smoothly and thus reduce the stress on your fish or the risk of necrosis of your corals.

For the maintenance of your ramp, never use cleaning spray. Use only a damp cloth.

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Jebao Jecod Led light AK-70